You are what you eat

Japan has one of the lowest obestity rates and longest lifespan in the developed world. This health is attributed by experts to the Japanese diet and food culture. The onigiri (pictured) can be prepared in different ways to feature healthy ingredients.

A popular aphorism by nutritionists and dieticians is ‘you are what you eat’. But what exactly does it mean?

It is not meant to be taken literally and it is not too complicated. It simply means what food we eat has bearing on our health. It is an old and basic idea but one that is very relevant to the complicated modern times.

Abundance of food is causing a new set of problem. Obesity continues to rise along with the diseases related to it. A prevalence of heart disease and diabetes. There are so much food available but tend to be unhealthy ones. Plenty of kids are introduced to the taste of unhealthy processed foods at very young age. And kids are not the only ones susceptible this nutrition apocalypse. Adult life is defined by hectic work environment and constant overtime. This leaves little time and energy for people to prepare healthy food.

There is no mincing words. The odds are stacked against us. That is why we need to be extra conscious when it comes to our nutrition. And this is not only about not eating too much. This is eating the right food that will provide our body with is needed nutrition.

Keeping the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ in mind will help us steer clear of unhealthy diet and move towards healthy food.