Makeup and superficiality

Superficiality is not an uncommon accusation to people who wear makeup. I lost count of hearing people say that those who wear makeup only care about outward appearances and are, therefore, shallow. I apologize to all the Platos and Aristotles out there for not being so deep. I am sorry that, unlike you, my head is not so deep up my ass.

Does it really matter what me and other people do with our faces? Is it so bad to want to look good?

What is ridiculous is that the accusation of being superficial is really only thrown around makeup. We choose clothes to make us look good. Why is nobody complaining as much about that?

Appearances matter.

Looking or wanting to look good is not only about the person. It is not selfish. Wanting to look good means that we care how others see us. There is nothing wrong with this. This is a basic tenet of community. You know, liking each other enough to help each other. We humans have always been able to survive by forming communities. If you look at it this way, wanting to look good is very rational.

Now, I am not too obsessed with makeup that I don’t find some people silly. If I see someone wearing an inch-thick makeup going to the gym, I might wonder in my mind what that person was thinking. It would be too impractical and uncomfortable. But even if they do it, I don’t really think it is anyone else’s business.

More importantly.

Makeup, to some women, are lifesavers. I have a little bit of experience with troubled women. Women who suffered domestic abuse and have their confidence and self-esteem shattered to the point that they struggle to get back into the world. I found out that, to them, makeup is an essential coping tool.

As one woman told me, every time she goes out, she feels the entire world looking at her as if everyone can see her soul and judging her. Makeup makes her less ‘naked’ and feel less of those judging gazes. To anyone who says people who wear makeup are superficial, talk to one of these women and say it is so.

So here is my thought on makeup and superficiality.

Superficial is not the person wearing makeup. Superficial is the person who is quick to judge others without learning about them.