The mindset

In life, very rarely is something worth pursuing easy. Shifting to a healthier lifestyle is plastered with so many obstacles. You can plan all you want but you won’t be able to avoid the difficulties that a change in lifestyle entails. You will be battling against yourself and your environment.

You are what you eat

It is not meant to be taken literally and it is not too complicated. It simply means what food we eat has bearing on our health. It is an old and basic idea but one that is very relevant to the complicated modern times.

3 keys to achieving fitness

Fitness is a lifetime commitment and requires deliberate and conscientious effort. This is a fact. And those who refuse to accept this fact are bound to fail. Achieving fitness is hard. You need to have a good plan, discipline and support if you want to succeed.

Makeup and superficiality

Superficiality is not an uncommon accusation to people who wear makeup. Does it really matter what me and other people do with our faces? Is it so bad to want to look good?