3 keys to achieving fitness

It is called 'working out' for a reason. You need to work.

There are many reasons to aspire fitness. Some want to achieve their best physical shape to look their best. Others do it for their health. Some pursue fitness to get the energy to pursue their passions in life. But if you look closely, each one is ultimately about getting the most out of life.

More important than the question of why is how. How do you achieve fitness?

Fitness is a lifetime commitment and requires deliberate and conscientious effort. This is a fact. And those who refuse to accept this fact are bound to fail. Achieving fitness is hard. You need to have a good plan, discipline and support.

Fitness is a scientific pursuit. This might sound strange given the stereotypes of muscleheads and gymbros. The importance of science to fitness is indisputable. Doing exercises safely and effectively requires some understanding of biomechanics. Then there is the topic of nutrition and biological adaptation. I could go on forever about the scientific principles and processes involved.

Just like any other type of scientific pursuit, fitness can be very simple or very hard depending on how much attention and effort you are willing put into it. When I mentioned the need to have a good plan, I meant a scientifically-backed program designed to fit your specific fitness goals.

However, a good plan is worthless if you cannot follow through. In order to properly follow a program, you need to have strong discipline. Strong discipline enables you to get out of bed even when you feel like sleeping in. Discipline is what powers you to push your physical limits so you can improve.

Even if you have a good plan and discipline, it could still be very difficult for you without proper support. Plenty of people fail because of the lack of support from the people around them. For example, it would be very hard to follow a new diet when your family loves cooking and eating your favorite food. ┬áThis doesn’t mean that you need to leave your home and cut contact with your family or friends. Just try to search for people with the same goals as you and can understand your challenges.

You don’t necessarily have to buddy up with the people at your gym. There are many online communities that allow you to talk about your program, challenges and can answer your questions. These communities are often excellent source of encouragement.